At Yoga Alive, we understand that some people prefer to pay a whole term up-front, while others like the flexibility of paying for each class as they go. So we offer both a Term Fee and a Casual Fee. We’ve also introduced a Multi-class Pass, for 5 and 10 classes.


90 minute class is $150
60 minute class is $125

Term Fees are paid on or before the first class of the term, and cover one class per week for the 10-week term. If a class is missed – for whatever reason – it can be made up in any other class in that particular term.


90 minute class is $22
60 minute class is $18

Casual Fees are paid class-by-class, and are perfect for the person who leads a busy life, and those holidaying on the Central Coast!


5 classes are $95         (valid for 6 months – available for any classes)
10 classes are $175     (valid for 12 months – available for any classes)

A Class Pass is great for retirees and others who want the flexibility of attending classes when they’re on the Central Coast. You can attend any of the timetabled classes, for up to 6 months (5 Class Pass) & 12 months (10 Class Pass).

DISCOUNTS for attending multiple classes

A discount applies if you attend more than one class in any one week (except where making up for a missed class): full-price for your first class, then only $10 for any other classes that week! The discount also applies for people who pay in advance for more than one class per week.