Yoga is best practised with eyes closed to increase awareness of effects of the practises on the body, but also on the mind. With clear, straight-forward explanations of each practice there is no need to watch a teacher in traditional yoga.

For this reason Yoga Alive is able to offer yoga classes over the phone DURING usual yoga classes! Vedanta, a long-time educator and yoga teacher, expertly leads you through a traditional class of Satyananda Yoga, while you are comfortable in your own home.

Trying to choose between doing yoga in a studio or at home? Yoga Alive offers both!

No need to look at your phone – it’s all about listening to Vedanta’s voice as she leads you through each yoga practice, allowing you to fully immerse in your body and mind. In this way, the true heart of yoga – self-awareness – can be focused on.

This means that anyone, from any part of Australia, can now join in Yoga Alive classes – you only need a phone! Contact Vedanta directly on 0428 150 148 for current class times and bank details.